I’ve always felt a spiritual connection to nature. Nowhere is God’s presence more tangible for me than when visiting America’s national parks.

In many ways, landscapes are the most difficult kind of photography. You have no control over the light. Changing your viewpoint may require hiking miles with heavy equipment. And when you get to the ideal spot, you may find that a tree is in your way. Or a power line intrudes. Or a forest fire scarred the mountainside and ruined the “unspoiled” image you were trying to capture.

I believe this unspoiled or untouched feeling is a large part of what gives landscape photography its appeal.

From 1970 -2000, I photographed nature with large format cameras on black and white film. The images they produced had extraordinary detail. But today, you can stitch together composite images taken with a digital 35mm camera that have even more detail without lugging around such heavy equipment.

Someday, I may digitize my black-and-white, large-format images taken on film. But for now, I’m posting only some of my color digital images. Enjoy.