I took this shot in front of the Buena Grocery Store near the el in the summer of 1975. At the time I took this picture, most of these people lived right around the corner in the 4200 block of Kenmore.

This was one of the last shots in a series. It started with one kid. Then another joined him. And another. And another. Before I knew what was happening, kids were coming from everywhere to get in the picture. Note that half the boys are barefoot. During this era, many kids went without shoes in the summertime. I always suspected this was economic necessity, not choice.

I talked today to the sister of five kids in this crowd. They include the three girls in the back on the left, the boy on the bike and one of the little boys in the foreground. All moved on from Uptown and went on to successful careers. Two are currently battling some health issues. (Good luck with those; we’re all praying for you!) They are currently scattered around the country from Ohio to Florida, though most of the family lives in Kentucky. The young woman on the left holding the dog has several kids and grandchildren now.

I also learned that the tall girl in the back with the dark hair was the daughter of the owner of the Buena grocery store.