In January of 1975, I found this burned out apartment building at 4136 North Broadway. I pitied the poor families who lost their homes. It was starting to snow and very cold out when I took this picture. Several people have asked me whether such scenes were the result of arson. I have no way of knowing in this case. Many people in the neighborhood alleged that slumlords (not in this specific case) used arson to evict residents so that they could build more expensive apartments on the property. Of course, the apartments could have burned from other causes, like space heaters, too. Uptown apartments were notoriously drafty and underheated during the mid-1970s. Note how the ruins of the apartment were not totally sealed off after the fire. Clicking on the link above will show you what the same lot looks like today in Google Maps street view. Trees have grown up around a beautiful, red-brick apartment building.