OK, OK. I know that technically Lincoln Square isn’t in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood. One day I got off the El at Lawrence and just started walking west for a change. I eventually came to this Greek restaurant that doubled as a fallout shelter. Note the radiation sign under the second S from the left. If you grew up during the Cold War, you will remember fallout shelters. They were designed as part of America’s civil defense system to protect against nuclear attack. That’s why I call this image “Gyros and Gamma Rays.” Come to think of it, hold the gyros. I’ll have another glass of Ouzo! Virtually all fallout shelters were decommissioned by 1991, after the collapse of the Soviet empire. A reader wrote in to say that this restaurant has moved. It is now at 4711 West Touhy in Lincolnwood between Lincoln Ave. and Cicero near Skokie. He also says they serve great sandwiches!