This shot is looking east from the ‘L’ on Lawrence. It is similar to another shot I posted except that this one favors the north side of the street and the other favored the south.

Note the “Family Billiard Parlor” next to the Aragon. Elsewhere in this portfolio I have a shot of a teenage girl passed out in the billiard parlor. She had been waiting all day for tickets to get into the Aragon. Going to the Aragon was a rite of passage for many Chicago teens. I have a friend in Houston (where I live now), who grew up in Chicago. She partied frequently with her friends in Uptown after attending rock concerts at the Aragon.

This shot is dedicated to one of the gentlemen who visited me when I unveiled “Uptown: Portrait of a Chicago Neighborhood in the Mid-1970s” at the Chicago Public Library on November 21. He used to work at the Billiard Parlor and asked if I had any shots of it.