In 1976, I was invited by the Democratic precinct captain to attend a Neil Hartigan political rally at St. Andrew’s Greek Orthodox Church at Hollywood and Sheridan. While this is in Edgewater, many people at the time considered Edgewater to be part of Uptown. Hartigan grew up in Roger’s Park, attended Loyola, and received a law degree from Georgetown. In 1972, Hartigan was elected Lieutenant Governor of Illinois, making him, at age 34, the youngest lieutenant governor in the nation. Following his election Time magazine named him one of 200 future leaders of the country.

In 1976, when I took this picture, he was running for re-election. Hartigan won the Democratic primary but was defeated in the general election. He later ran unsuccessfully for governor, then served as the the Illinois Attorney general and on the State appellate court. The whole time I was at this rally, I could not help thinking about the poeple I knew from the streets of Uptown just a mile or so south of here and how none of them were present.