contains a fascinating story about the origins of this building in 1900 as a Congregational Church. Today it’s called the Uptown Baptist Church. When I snapped this shot in the mid-1970s, I believe it was still a Congregational Church. A giant neon sign atop the church that could be seen clearly from the ‘L’ first attracted me. It said “Christ Died for Your Sins.”  The sign in this image says “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved for your SINS.”

A church member wrote me to say, “I, my parents and later my own family attended North Shore Church from the late 1940s through the Seventies. It was some time after that (probably 1980 or 81) when the congregation of North Shore sold the building and merged with Norwood Park Bible Church to form Shorewood Bible Church. North Shore Church was pastored by J. C. O’hair from the 1920s until his death in 1958. The sign on Sheridan Rd. you photographed was erected by North Shore Church. The Sign on top of the steeple has been there as long as I can remember.”